Top 10 Reasons to Apply for a Training APEX Award



Bask in the limelight at the black-tie Gala for
winners in sunny Orlando.


Receive a comprehensive feedback report and
scorecard to help identify training
gaps and areas for improvement.


Foster communication between internal business
units and 
Training/Learning & Development as
you fill out the application.


Use your APEX Awards ranking to help your
recruit and retain employees.


Highlight your corporate culture and investment
in human 
capital development.


Earn a seat at the C-suite table by documenting
effectiveness in producing business


Use your ranking to demonstrate to customers
organization’s commitment to employee
training and 


Become a thought leader in the industry through 
bylined Training magazine articles and
presentations at Training 
magazine’s conferences.


Network, brainstorm, and share best practices
with other 
APEX Awards winners during the
Training APEX Awards Gala, 
annual Training
Conference & Expo, and TechLearn Conference.

The Haskell Company accepting their crystal award onstage as the #1-ranked 2024 APEX Award winner. 

And the #1 reason to apply for a Training APEX Award:

Your organization could be
#1 on the next list!